Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wonderful Women: Ella Fitzgerald

Despite being completely overwhelmed with getting ready to move, I just can't stay away from blogging :) Ahhhh lol. I have been thinking about starting this series for a while now. It is hard to think of something new or creative in the blogging world, especially when it comes to nail polish, as it has almost all been done before. I hope you guys enjoy reading it :)

This is my first entry in a series of blogposts that I would like to start on inspirational women. Each post will focus on one inspirational woman and a nail polish that I feel would most likely represent their style or has been associated with them in some way through the name of the polish or collection. Hopefully, it is not too cheesy? Us ladies have to stick together, ya know?!

First up! Ella Fitzgerald and the nail polish Emerald Fitzgerald from China Glaze.

I am sure everyone knows, but just in case you don't Ella Fitzgerald is one of the most popular female jazz singers ever. Nicknamed "The First Lady of Song", she won 13 Grammy's and sold over 40 million albums in her lifetime. Born in Virginia in 1917, Ella had a series of rough patches in her life starting when her parents separated shortly after her birth, leaving her mother Temperance to take care of her on her own. Ella and her mother moved to Yonkers, NY where they ended up living with Temperance's longtime boyfriend. When Ella was 15 her mother died as a result of a car accident, and her stepfather died of a heart attack shortly afterwards. Ella and her younger sister went to live with her mothers sister. All of this seemed to impact Ella as her grades dropped and she started skipping school. After being taken into custody by the police she was sent to a reform school, which she was eventually released from.

In 1934 when Ella was 17 she won the chance to preform in a Amateur Night at the Apollo. Ella went prepared to dance but after watching the opening act of dancing sisters she felt she would never compare with, she changed her mind. On stage she made a last minute decision to sing a song written by Connee Boswell that she knew well. Overwhelmed with her performance the crowd demanded an encore and from that moment on Ella's career took off.

As Ella once said... "It isn't where you came from, it's where you're going that counts."

And the swatches of Emerald Fitzgerald by China Glaze...

Two coats of Emerald Fitzgerald

Two coats of Emerald Fitzgerald

Two coats of Emerald Fitzgerald

I love this polish. Such a gorgeous color!!

I feel like the emerald green color really suits her and I could see her wearing it! What do you think?

Hope you all have a nice day :)

Christina <3

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