Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite Nail Polish of the Week: 'Ali's Big Break' by OPI with swatches!!!

This weeks featured favorite is: OPI's 'Ali's Big Break' 

As July 1st was Canada Day, I figured that the nail polish of the week had to be red in order to properly celebrate Canada's awesomeness. This is one of my favorite reds from my collection. It is a gorgeous candy apple red that has a jelly base and slight sparkle. This nail polish needs three coats to be opaque, due to the jelly base, but I find it can be made into a darker red color with more of a sparkly dimension, with each consecutive coat added after the third. It is almost like having two different nail polish colors in one, who wouldn't want that?!

'Ali's Big Break' is from OPI's Holiday '2010 Burlesque Collection. Although this polish was made for the Christmas season, I find the bright red, candy apple, jelly base to also be perfect for the summer months as well. I love a good red in the summer. I find red nails look really classy with a black bikini during summer beach days, and a little black dress in summer evenings.

All OPI nail polishes are cruelty free and manufactured 3-free (without DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde).

Outdoor light: 'Ali's Big Break' by OPI (from the mini set of four polishes).

Indoor light: 'Ali's Big Break' by OPI (from the mini set of four polishes). I don't find it to be as orange as it appears in this picture, more like a deeper shade of the outdoor light picture above (like a darker candy apple red).

Which nail polish was your Canada Day red?

Christina :)

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