Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OPI Femme De Cirque: Softshades by OPI Spring '2011 Collection

OPI released the Cirque de femme: Softshades Collection back in the beginning of April '2011.

From left to right: 'Step Right Up', 'In The Spotlight Pink', 'So Many Clowns so Little Time', and 'I Juggle Men'.

Ya, I am a little late posting this collection :/ . I bought the mini collection back when it was released and have been slowly using it since then. I really didn't love it that much when it came out, but I have grown to love a couple of the shades (specifically 'Step Right Up' and 'So Many Clowns So Little Time').

As far as light, creamy colors go, this formula was amazing! For me they went on streak-free, even with one coat, however for all of them you need much more than one coat to get them opaque. I do paint relatively thin coats, so if you tend to paint thicker coats then you might find you need less. 'I Juggle Men' is really pretty as a shimmery top coat but it almost impossible to photograph on its own. Swatches with 3 coats below :)

From left to right: 'In The Spotlight Pink', 'Step Right Up', 'So Many Clowns So Little Time', and 'I Juggle Men' (a clear base with a blue and purple shimmer).

'In The Spotlight Pink'

'Step Right Up'

'So Many Clowns So Little Time'

'In The Spotlight Pink' with 'I Juggle Men' on top.

'So Many Clowns So Little Time' with 'I Juggle Men' on top.

This collection is pretty and cute. Not totally special but still really nice! Perfect spring and wedding colors!

Christina :)

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