Friday, July 29, 2011

Nicole by OPI: Polish Swap!!

A close friend and I swapped a bunch of nail polishes the other day, so we could check out each others colors. A good way to feel like you just went on a massive shopping spree, without having to spend a penny... That is my kind of shopping! :)

Here are some colors from the Nicole by OPI collection.

From left to right: 'Love Your Life', 'The Right Thing', 'Believe it, Do it', 'Miss Independent' and 'My Lifesaver'.

Of course the first one I grabbed at was the slightly darker than mint polish, called 'My Lifesaver'. I don't know why, but I always gravitate towards light creamy colors. I once again did not like the brush/finish, whatever it is that causes the tiny little vertical lines. When I reviewed the only Nicole by OPI I have '"Baby" Blue' HERE I had the same problem. I wanted to love it but it just goes on so horribly that I just can't :(

'My Lifesaver' - It is actually more green than the pictures show. The light really washes out the turquoise color and makes it appear more minty green or light blue?

'My Lifesaver'

Next I went for 'Miss Independent, which is this pretty pinkish-purplish metallic silver color. I really like this one. It seemed to go on streak/line free and the formula was nice. The color is also pretty lovely too!! This one I would buy for my own collection!

'Miss Independent'

'Miss Independent'

Followed by 'The Right Thing' - kinda a weird name?! But a pretty shimmery coral orange polish with a nice glow to it that the camera just will not capture. The brush on this polish is the original small version that was replaced by the stubby wide brush, although I wish it wasn't - I really prefer this brush.

'The Right Thing'

'The Right Thing'

Next, 'Believe it, Do it', a shimmery hot pink fuchsia color. A pretty pink shimmery color that I feel like I have seen a thousand times before.! Although, if I loved pinks like I love reds, I probably wouldn't feel that way. So to each her own! ... is that the saying? It seems awkward?!

'Believe it, Do it'

'Believe it, Do it'

And Finally, 'Love Your Life', the clear glittery nail polish with light pink hearts. I found this one to be a pain. It might be nice to have around for a heart or two per nail on Valentines or something, but I honestly found it a little too tricky and messy to work with. It does not swatch very nicely on its own so I have layered it over 'My Lifesaver' so you can see it. You have to kinda place the hearts where you want them with a toothpick, or maybe something similar, then lightly paint over the hearts with the glittery gloss afterwards.

'Love Your Life' over 'My Lifesaver' - sorry for the crappyness of this picture :S

What do you guys think of Nicole by OPI? Do any of these shades catch your eye?

Christina <3

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  1. Miss independent is gorgeous! hope you have a good weekend! xox


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