Sunday, August 7, 2011

Favorite Nail Polish of the Week: Shocking Pink by China Glaze

I am in the middle of a big move right now and I have sooooo much to do before we go and after we get there... so I might be slightly absent in the next couple of weeks?!

This weeks favorite has definitely been Shocking Pink from the China Glaze Neon Collection '2008, which is exactly as it says shocking pink. I LOVE this polish because it is such a bright, neon bubblegum pink color. It demands attention:) A very fun summery color that is perfect for August. I looooveeee bright pinks and reds - the brighter, the better!! :)

Four coats of Shocking Pink (with a basecoat and topcoat)

Four coats of Shocking Pink (with a basecoat and topcoat)

The formula is similar to the Celtic Sun Neon by China Glaze that I review HERE. It takes about three to four coats to be opaque and dries matte. I don't really like the matte look, so I go over it after with a nice glossy topcoat. It seems to chip fast, but I have also been messing around with boxes so who knows? :/

What are your favorite polishes for the week??

Oh and I was thinking... Maybe I should do a monthly favorites blogpost? with/instead of my favorite polish of the week? What do you guys think?

Christina <3


  1. wow!! i love this color as well!! Just a quick question for do you get your nails to look so perfect?? lol. Whenever i do my nails, which is alot, i have a heck of a time not getting nail polish all over the sides of my fingers.

  2. Thanks!! They are honestly far from perfect... and that is only my left hand, which being right handed makes it the nicer one of the two. lol.

    I find the best thing to do is leave a small space between your cuticle and the nail polish. It keeps the lines much cleaner and makes the nails appear more perfect. As you get better at it, or on days when you have a steady hand you can make the space very small while still keeping the nail polish away from your cuticles.

    Goodluck!! :)


  3. k thanks for the helpful hints. Yes for me my right hand is always nicer looking lol. Just will have to practice more. My biggest problem too is i rush too much. I want them done NOW haha. Maybe i need to be more patient lol. thanks again for all these posts i just love looking at all the different colors, gives me ideas on what color i want to buy next. :) xo<3


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